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Flat Albert

Please let us introduce you to Flat Albert - a flat version of very well known Albert Einstein. Our goal is to send him around the globe: to travel to every continent, visit every country and allow people to share their stories regarding medical physics and biomedical engineering.

How YOU can help? Here are the 5 easy steps:


Step 1 – Obtain a digital version of Flat Albert

Step 2 – Convert Flat Albert to an analog version (i.e. printout, drawing, pasta art, etc)

Step 3 – Take a picture of Flat Albert in an interesting place such as your lab, your school, your clinic, your institution, a world landmark - use your imagination!

Step 4 – Share your picture and/or story on the IUPESM WC2015 FaceBook Page or Twitter using our hashtag #wc2015yyz

Step 5 – Come to the World Congress in Toronto, June 7-12, 2015! IUPESM 2015 Flat Albert


We look forward to seeing your pictures!